Introducing SparcHub, your solution to streamlining B2B transactions and eliminating reconciliation. SparcHub helps your company reduce processing time, increase efficiency, and save money from purchase through invoicing, approval, posting and payment.

SparcHub does this by integrating paper, e-mail and EDI transactions, updating your ERP system and automating time-consuming tasks with smart exception handling. A shared ledger synchronizes transactions, making business frictionless. B2B transactions just became more intelligent with SparcHub.


Decentralized Network

SparcHub allows you to communicate  with your vendors or customers directly with full privacy in a secure manner, and thanks to the shared ledger you never again need to worry about reconciliation. Transactions are recorded using Hyperledger - the same platform already used by leading companies, including Walmart, Nestle, Kroger, and Unilever.

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Leading & Lightweight

Sparcblock utilizes leading edge technology including Hyperledger, a business-focused distributed ledger which enabled peer-to-peer transactions, and is supported by companies such as IBM, SAP, and Oracle. Our robust cloud based technology allows Sparcblock to run on any operating system with minimum setup, or if you prefer you may host a node on your in-house servers.

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Machine Learning + AI

Handling exceptions just became faster and more intelligent. With a rules based system and monitored machine learning and AI, Sparcblock can automate your low level exceptions, and deliver the remaining business-impact exceptions quickly to the appropriate decision maker. Decrease costs and stop profit leakage by eliminating data entry and the resultant delays and errors.

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Next Steps

Whether you are just curious about how blockchain and AI might impact your business, or fully ready to implement automated modules and peer-to-peer transactions, we want to help.

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